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A region or country with no coastline or with only an inland sea. In commerce, infrastructure such as roads, railroads or airports is required to transport cargo to a landlocked area.


Without access to public streets or roads. The owner of property that is landlocked may file suit to obtain an easement by necessity across another's land, but it must be a route that places the least burden on the other property.

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The second richest landlocked country, ranked only 68th, is Belarus.
The ambassadors, of the landlocked country between Ukraine and Romania, will be staying in Brighouse and visiting David Hockney's gallery in Saltaire, Haworth, Leeds Art Gallery and Malham.
African forces were expected to join French troops in an attempt to drive insurgents back from central parts of the landlocked country, after French jets began bombing rebel-held towns Jan.
INDIA will host a mega investors' meet with Afghanistan as co- partner, in Delhi on Thursday for the violence- hit landlocked country.
Belgium is the biggest bilateral donor to the landlocked country of 8 million people, which was ranked the most corrupt last year in east Africa in a report by Transparency International's Kenya chapter.
What is the only landlocked country in South East Asia?
One out of every six members of the UN is a landlocked country.
The putsch comes just months after a power struggle in the landlocked country that describes itself as the "kingdom in the sky".
Luxembourg, officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is a landlocked country in Western Europe.
South Sudan is a landlocked country that became an independent state in July 2011, following a referendum that passed with 98.
Lines of Credit worth more than $1 billion extended by India to Ethiopia helped the landlocked country build its sugar and power industries and rail network.
Kazakhstan, the world's largest landlocked country by land area, is also said to rank in the top ten for iron ore, and gold, it's a well-known diamonds exporter and holds the 11th largest proven reserves of both petroleum and natural gas.