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raising the cost of land speculation and giving family famers incentives
Land speculation has been encouraged by inadequate regulation.
The new generations of informal settlements are not the homes of the poor (Potsiou and Ioannidis 2006) but the result of land speculation activity by an amalgam of actors such as middle class individual land owners, land investors, building societies, investors in tourism infrastructure and upper and middle class owners of luxury vacation houses.
By 1830, the lumber and land speculation business was in decline so Massey turned to raising wheat full time.
Real estate firms should try to profit by putting buildings to real use, not through land speculation.
He had pledged the diocesan assets as security for a land speculation venture in partner ship with U.
The brothers made $65,000 on that dodge and amassed other fortunes in manufacturing and land speculation.
But by midcentury, colonial expansion and land speculation, plus the Iroquois' own miscalculations, had led to conflict.
Their position is countered by today's modern planners with their argument that zoning has curbed land speculation, encouraged affordable housing, and has protected environmental resources.
In 1833, at age 77, Burr married a wealthy widow, but when she found her fortune being depleted by his land speculation, she sued him for divorce.
In reality those behind this bid are the architects of the Swanswell Initiative who want the land that Sidney Stringer occupies to either build a PFI-run city-wide sports centre (which pupils at Sidney Stringer would have to have their PE lessons in as their space for sports facilities would be removed) or for land speculation.
In other words, holding the undeveloped land and the culture of land speculation are not excessive to high-income areas.