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Scheidel surveyed the history of land reform in several countries.
On this the committee chairman queried to members, Zeb Jaffar and Mohammad Farooq has said that there is no need of land reforms and committee should reject the bill.
Critics of the land reform program said it resulted in lower production on farms because the majority of blacks who received the land were untrained to harvest it.
Food Forum 2016 speaker Lemmer said in an interview earlier this year, Land reform is important but must be fair and must work in the free-market environment.
The land reforms authority however did not stop collecting the monthly fees from land owners, which sometimes amounted to EGP 2,000 per acre.
Agriculture is the mainstay of the Pakistan economy, accounting for 25 per cent of GDP, 60 per cent of export earnings and 48 per cent of employment," said Tanveer Arif, the CEO of SCOPE, in his presentation on land reforms.
Land reforms have been quite successfully done in many countries of the world.
The first attempt at land reforms was undertaken by the military regime of Ayub Khan back in 1959.
The Basnet Commission has a number of recommendations based on scientific land reform and claims to be vastly different, more updated, and advanced from earlier ones.
It is therefore not surprising that land reforms is such a politically charged topic that even international development agencies are reluctant to tackle head-on, instead often resigning themselves to evoking global calls to national governments to help their rural masses gain access to land.
The announcement came as a new report -- prepared for the conference by donors and the government -- said compensation had been paid for about three percent of the 6,500 white-owned farms seized under Mugabe s land reforms.
I also hope that countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe with similar land problems would take a cue from Namibia's laudable policy, and as a matter of urgency institute measures to fine-tune their ongoing land reforms to ensure lasting peace, stability and unity.
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