land trust

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Land Trust

1. A trust in which a grantor deposits one or more pieces of real estate. A trustee is given the right to manage the real estate. All profits or other gains are given to a beneficiary chosen by the grantor.

2. A government or private nonprofit organization responsible for managing and conserving real estate, especially undeveloped or unspoiled land. Such trusts exist to prevent environmental degradation of the land.

land trust

A trust in which land is the only asset. See trust.

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the Alliance has grown to represent more than 1,100 land trusts in the United States.
Ed Hood, the new director of Opacum Land Trust, will talk about how local land trusts can work together to protect scenic natural landscapes for wildlife, nature study and passive recreation.
Learn about all the benefits of community land trusts from Michael Brown, Partner, Burlington Associates, and
Land trusts are happening this year on the state level, too.
Lee also helped start 30 local land trusts with the Trust for Public Land along with the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition, Mountains to Sound Greenway and the Cascade Land Conservancy.
Middleton presents cases of Native American tribes using land trusts to protect territory that is culturally significant to them.
Kulshan Community Land Trust, one of more than one hundred community land trusts in the nation, is a nonprofit corporation that owns land and holds it "in trust" forever.
In 2004, 10 local land trusts (nonprofit organizations that work to preserve significant lands through conservation agreements or acquisition) decided their best strategy to protect WNC's land and water from this rapid development was to work together.
The Housing and Regeneration Bill was amended late last night to include a definition of Community Land Trusts.
Land trusts are usually nonprofit, and their purpose is to provide long-term stewardship of not just land, but sometimes areas of historical or archeological significance.
The number of acres protected under land trusts doubled between 2001 and 2005, to 37 million acres.
Price points: Setting the purchase price for affordability and the target market are often debated by newly formed land trusts.
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