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On July 14, James Franco's Instagram account showed two shots where it clearly shows he's now hanging out with Lana del Ray, as Bustle suggested.
Offers a soap sample to Lana as she passes by the kiosk.
Lana was taken to hospital, where she was treated for an "infection" and discharged once her temperature had been reduced.
Lana teamed with Lucy and Eloise, to win the under-19 Ladies GB Surf Swim Team Race then the trio went on to take the Gold Medal and the title under-19 Ladies GB Taplin Relay.
Who can forget Lana in The Postman Always Rings Twice?
Lana was told she would never walk again, and this sickened Caleb.
She confesses all after a showdown in the pub when she and Lana organise a surprise birthday party for Tim in McCoys.
Exposing the infected cells to the licorice ingredient, glycyrrhizic acid, shuts down LANA.
Max ($90); alligator handbag, Lana Marks ($7,995); shoes, Marc Jacobs ($240).
We've been talking for months--years--about the connection between Lana and Andy.