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The demands for contract performance and lack of guarantee of 5% calculated without appropriation allocations and VAT compensation under the contract, which the PPA.
Some of us might even wonder whether a lack of guarantee on the part of the America for a succession of Karzai dynasty could be the stumbling block?
Among their concerns were the lack of guarantee that new accommodation will be provided for the infants school on the junior site, especially during the current economic climate.
The ratings also incorporate the legal provisions that separate the two entities and protect the subsidiary, including dividend restrictions, lack of guarantee, and CCOH protection from a CCU default.
Indeed, one factor in Thomas' decision to enter the NFL draft was the lack of guarantee from UO coaches that he would be the starter in 2012, according to sources.
But many have been left deeply concerned at the lack of guarantee over when -and if -they will be paid.
Unlike conventional SME loan products, this product requires no guarantees or mortgages by leveraging big data, and allows installments and revolve of credit line, which makes it a perfect match to the funding demand of SME merchants featured by lack of guarantee to secure short-term, frequent and urgent funding.
Lack of guarantee will be deemed a material breach.
Explaining why the Irish system was not considered, Middleton pointed to a lack of guarantee that a top weight would be pulled out before an agreed deadline and the likelihood that any pre-race analysis would be "useless".
Other concerns are said to centre on a lack of guarantee for terrestrial television coverage over the ten-year period of the deal, and legal issues which may render some clauses unenforcable in the future.
The primary concern relating to the downgrade is the rate of reduction in asbestos insurance receivables at Carbide versus the relative lack of reduction in the number of claims outstanding, in addition to the historical lack of guarantee of the Carbide debt by Dow.