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Not very labor intense nd employees do not need any special skills.
The officer said over the past ten years, the labor supply to agriculture has been continuously shrinking and has resulted in a major problem in the labor intense agriculture sector.
Faced with disappointing results, leaders often resort to even more creative but labor intense processes to try to boost returns.
Automatic x-ray inspection incorporates technological advances made through the years, and offers an alternative to the labor intense process of one operator per station analyzing tire images on a viewing screen.
Since CIP is far less labor intense, the FS reduces man-hours and the risk of equipment damage from COP.
All of our recent additions are part of our overall strategy to automate managed services that have traditionally been performed manually and, as a result, have been labor intense and costly," said Lance Crosby, SoftLayer Chief Executive Officer.
According to Eric Rubin, president of Arrivato Advisors, LLC, "Launching a series of new portfolios is a labor intense process.
fraud, assist customers in seconds, and eliminate inefficient, labor intense research operations.