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A buyer, especially but not necessarily of real estate.


Buyer. Contrast with donee, who receives property by gift, and devisee, who receives property under a will.

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El lector juzgara y, comparando La Vendee con la Guillotina--ambas de la misma epoca y nacion--, deducira el extremismo que les dio origen.
(2) On memory and the Vendee see Jean-Clement Martin, La Vendee et la France (Pans, 1987) and La Vendee de la memoire, 1800-1980 (Paris, 1989).
For example, apartments at La Vendee on France's west coast are available from just pounds 59 per person per week (based on five people sharing, self- catering includes SuperSeaCat crossing).
One week's self- catering in apartments at La Vendee, near Nantes, France, from just pounds 59 per person (based on five people sharing - and including your crossing).