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If we do this often enough, the ideas of intimacy and lust become more familiar, less foreign and minimizes repression often depicted by Americans.
Although her initial judgment about the nature of lust echoes Browne's, Dorothy L.
If the beltway league were honest, it would admit that Bush is no conservative and that his programs and policies are leftist, but they also lust for power, and so they keep up the facade.
Cosmic Cow is a spiritual journey into lust, a compelling reimagining of the unsettling impact of that intrusive cut of certainty that beckons a soul to undertake its own consumption.
I'm sending my flowers to Kerry, that frumpy matron of the Senate, who strangely, makes the anti-Bush crowd mad with lust.
SEXUAL PHOTOGRAPHY BEYOND THE SEX GHETTO LOVE & LUST photographs by Donna Ferrato Aperture Foundation, 2004, hardbound, 144 pages, $25.
Building on the success of its Lust auf Gemuse (Yen for Vegetables) range of microwaveable ready meals, Iglo of Hamburg (Fax: 040-3597-2445) has come out with a new Lust auf Fisch line.
Under the premium brand name Magnum, the ice cream bars come in seven new flavours: vanity, jealousy, gluttony, lust, revenge, greed and sloth.
Each chapter is written by one author and is reflective of the individual's insight into the complications of love and lust.
I thought for a moment and then said, "I love you and I lust for you.
Very briefly, their general conclusions here are that in the high Middle Ages, wonder, a species of fear, was the proper attitude of humble Christians to God's inscrutable creation, and curiosity was a species of concupiscence akin to lust, both views received from Augustine.