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In addition, our study did not consider underemployment in terms of working hours, which is one way to measure based on the LUF.
The intuitive explanation for this is that with increasing loading the LUF (i.
To obtain a reasonable representation of LUF for the entire state of West Virginia such that variability owing to differences in species composition, harvest type, market proximity, and terrain was captured, harvests were stratified based on the three USDA Forest Service FIA units (Alderman and Luppold 2005) in West Virginia.
In the northeastern United States, which includes West Virginia, a single set of LUFs have been in use, despite wide variation in forests, species, and markets.
The current account surplus has increased markedly this year, to LUF 69.
supplementary, Mission, kriminalitets-, pure economic loss under LOU / leaves / LUF, miljE[micro]ansvar-, collective olycksfallsfE[micro]rsEnkring-, sanering-, and motor vehicle contract in cooperation with SE[micro]derberg & Partners in PiteEN.
Order in the fields of defense and security implemented in a limited tender for the supply of 120 MM LUF L44 THE LEOPARD tank (with a value in excess of 414 000).
Meet the requirements listed in Chapter 10, 1 and 3 A*A* LUF (Public Procurement Act, utilities).
VASYD sounds according LUF competition of the elements of our management in a number of operating contracts (6 pieces) wide supervision and care of the land, building exterior, and snow and ice to MalmE[micro], Lund and EslE[micro]v.
Renova AB invites expression of interest for procurement under the restricted procedure LUF (2007:1092) regarding: Insurance coverage for Renova AB with subsidiaries for property, business interruption and liability, Reg 0146/14.