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Intangible Drilling Costs

Expenses a company has when it drills for oil or natural gas. Intangible drilling costs are sometimes convenient for a company's tax purposes because it can deduct intangible drilling costs in one year when the company perhaps found little or no oil from profits made in a different year when the company does find oil.

Interest During Construction

In project finance, the interest that accumulates on a loan that finances the construction of a building or development. The IDC is a cost for the project, though it is not always calculated as such. The IDC is calculated until the project begins to generate revenue, when the company financing the project begins to service its debts.
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Produce an overarching report of the four LMNAs and skills audit which should include policy recommendations and adjust/rewrite to meet the highest possible technical and editorial standards.
A Sus scrofa radiation hybrid (SSRH) panel (cell-lined hybrid) was used to map the LMNA gene to pig chromosome 4.
Identification of genetic polymorphisms in the LMNA gene and genotyping
To identify SNPs in the LMNA gene, genomic DNA was isolated from 24 pigs.
The QTL position for weight at 30 wks was determined to be within the LMNA gene.
The resulting map showed that the LMNA locus was located at 102.
The assignment of the pig LMNA gene to SSC4 is consistent with the comparative chromosomal homology between human chromosome 1q21.
Sequence analysis demonstrated that the porcine LMNA cDNA exhibited 90% homology to the human cDNA.
Based on characterization of the full-length cDNA from the LMNA gene and a report stating that alternative splicing of LMNA transcripts occurs in both pigs and humans (Hennekes and Nigg, 1994), we hypothesized that our cDNA sequence analysis had revealed two alternatively spliced LMNA transcripts.