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London Metal Exchange (LME)

A market for trading base metals, where traded options contracts are available against the underlying futures contract.
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London Metal Exchange

The world's largest futures and options exchange for metals. It was established in 1877, though it traces its roots back to 1571. The LME trades derivative products based on copper, lead, zinc, aluminum and aluminum alloy, nickel, steel, and tin. Since 2005, plastic has traded on the LME.
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Its demutualisation plans called for the setting up of a new company - LME Holdings.
The cost of storage in the LME's warehouse network has been a bone of contention for as long as anyone can remember.
"Alba had strong operational performance despite a significant drop in LME prices," Alba chief executive Tim Murray said.
"The LME believes the longer [afternoon] kerb period for zinc has provided market participants who use the ring with more time to place orders and then to react to price moves," the group said.
The objective of this study was to identify individual, family and health services factors that limit or promote the duration of LME in Cali, Colombia.
Owners of the truck have escaped, leaving the truck in the hands of LME inspectors.
The platform update includes elevated detailed daily reports; enhanced weather reporting; enriched search feature; improved photo layout; comprehensive LME tracking; intuitive mouse over functionality; and, dynamic menus.
If a warehouse company had submitted incorrect copper stocks figures to the London Metal Exchange (LME) for three weeks, it might have expected a bigger fine than Au30,000 ($40,000).
Labia minora elongation (LME) is the expansive modification of the inner lips of the female external genitalia, or labia minora, by a process of elongating with the help of a variety of herbs, oils, cremes, and other instruments (1).