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The new space, which LDS relocated to in early June 2000, was designed by Lance Blake of Rotwein & Blake.
We have rebuilt and increased the capacity of our backup bull ladle to 1900 lb (709 kg) and lined it with LDS Moldable," Sholl said.
Held together by filial bonds and the largest possible families--something made easier to produce by the church's early embrace of polygamy, a practice officially abandoned in 1890 but still practiced by many breakaway LDS sects--the church's emphasis on strong families is its core value.
If you have lived, as I have, as a non-Mormon in a place whose population is 70 percent LDS, you would understand the real dangers in mixing too much church with state.
1 million by the Mormon Church in 1998 to the statewide campaigns against same-sex marriage in Hawaii and in Alaska--in the latter state, the LDS windfall constituted 79% of the antigay campaign's entire contributions.