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In the scenario of weaker growth in the euro area, it is not assumed that the krona strengthens further as a consequence of prolonged worries, in part because of the difficulty in determining the magnitude of such movements.
The krona has nosedived, losing more than half of its value since January.
79 billion Swedish krona (pounds 140 million), up from 1.
1326 dollars to the krona on March 31, sales by the three consumer divisions totaled $976.
Launched in 1998, the company has registered capital of about 200,000 krona, or one million baht.
He was fined 3700 krona - around pounds 250 - when he couldn't produce a doctor's letter saying the drugs were his.
Krona-FR is a fire-retardant insulation material born of a joint venture between Krona Industries (Carmangay, Alberta, Canada) and Fire & Thermal Protection Engineers, Inc.
Then, late in European trading on Friday, May 17, Sweden' s Riksbank announced that it would link the Swedish krona to the European currency unit (ECU), replacing its trade-weighted basket of currencies, in which the dollar carried the largest weight, with a basket composed entirely of European Community currencies.
This means that changes in the exchange rate US Dollar/Swedish Krona has an effect on the result and to a larger degree an effect on the equity.
The bank also said that it is increasing its bond buying programme to counter appreciation of the krona.
In effective terms, the Swedish krona has appreciated substantially during this year.
London-listed Old Mutual had told Skandia - the owner of a sizeable life insurance operation in the UK - that it would be prepared to pay 42 Swedish krona per share - equivalent to 43 billion Swedish krona (pounds 3.