Korea Stock Exchange

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Korea Stock Exchange

The major securities market of Korea.
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Korea Exchange

A stock exchange in South Korea. It was created through the merger of the Korea Stock Exchange, the Korea Futures Exchange and KOSDAQ. Stocks, bonds, ETFs, REITs, futures and options are all traded on the Korea Exchange.
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One of the issues the working group will take up is cooperation between the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) and the Korea Stock Exchange (KSE), in particular a proposal to introduce a computer system for trading in South Korean shares on the TSE and Japanese shares on the KSE.
* Seoul -- The Korea Stock Exchange (KSE) will allow the free trading of foreign stocks from June, KSE authorities say.
The benchmark for performance is the Korea Stock Exchange. The fund was launched in 1995 and is denominated in US dollars.
14 Kyodo Share prices on the Korea Stock Exchange ended lower Tuesday on selling by institutional players, with the benchmark index barely managing to stay above 1,000, Yonhap reports.
Choe, Kho, and I(18) investigate the role of foreign equity investors in Korea using a database that includes all trades made on the Korea Stock Exchange in 1997.
Korea Exchange Inc., established in January 2005 through the merger of the Korea Stock Exchange, the Korea Futures Exchange (KOFEX), the KOSDAQ Market, and the KOSDAQ Committee, is the sole exchange in the Republic of Korea.
The steel company's financial instruments trade on the New York Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange, and Tokyo Stock Exchange, and its ordinary shares trade on the Korea Stock Exchange. Four POSCO ADRs represent one ordinary share.
In a filing published on the Korea Stock Exchange website, Hyundai said it was awarded 55 per cent of the contract with the remainder going to Samsung.
GLOBAL ISSUES: A worker in the Korea Stock Exchange Market finally has something to smile about
The flood of new money mainly from domestic capital helped push the Korea Stock Exchange's benchmark index (KOSPI) up 54 percent from the first trading day of the year (January 3, 2005) to close at an all-time high of 1,379.4 points on December 29, making it the top performing equity market in Asia.
Helped by the rapid spread of the Internet, online stock trading accounts for 65 per cent of total turnover on the Korea Stock Exchange. That compares with only 3.8 per cent in Japan and 7.6 per cent in Taiwan.

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