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One reason politicians turn to sin taxes is that they often face less public opposition than other kinds of taxes.
By integrating a more detailed financial education into the high school curricula, either in existing classes or by creating new ones, students will be better equipped to understand how to maintain a personal budget, manage debt, and realize the mechanics and implications of collection and uses of various kinds of taxes."
"The cost of living is already rising fast and the Government has added to it with stealth taxes on cars and alcohol, when we believe that these kinds of taxes should be offset with tax reductions elsewhere," he said.
But while cutting taxes on companies, they are raising taxes on consumers--higher health premiums, higher pension premiums, liquor taxes, tobacco taxes, all kinds of taxes.
The distinction between a direct income tax and a franchise tax measured by income may be significant in this connection; in general, however, most states include both kinds of taxes in the statutory, state tax add-back.
Two major industrial zones were established during the last one-decade where the industries were exempted from all, kinds of taxes and duties.
The study stated that allowing global netting across different kinds of taxes would be difficult to administer and require significant additional resources.
Of course, cashstrapped communities are unwilling to stand by as their schools are devastated and may raise other kinds of taxes -- like sales taxes -- to make up for lost revenue.
Western coal mines pay higher royalty and severance tax rates than Eastern mines; both kinds of taxes are based on the price of coal as it leaves the mine, a price that may include the BTU tax.
There are disadvantages to all kinds of taxes, and I think our income taxes also have become hidden.