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Kharub and Sharma (2018), working on a structural model established the relationship between QMPs and firm performance and further integrated the model to investigate the effect of firm performance on competitive positioning.
(8.) Kumar, V., Khippal, A., Singh, J., Selvakumar, R., Malik, R., Kumar, D., Kharub, A.S., Verma, R.P.S., Sharma, I., Barley research in India: Retrospect & prospects.
These findings are in confirmation to results of Kharub et al.
There was significant (p [?] 0.001) and positive correlation with RH and population RHC (Kharub et al., 1993; Malik and Parihar, 1996).
Almoayed Chambers legal audits head Jaideep Kharub will start his course titled "Emerging Leaders in Law Firms" in March.
"The fact that Mr Kharub has been accepted by such a prestigious institution goes to show the level of commitment he has," said Almoayed Chambers chairman Aymen Almoayed.