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Journalist Faith Eckersall wrote: "Interviewing Sir Ken Dodd was always one of the great treats -a wonderful and really intelligent man.
Although they didn't marry until three days before his death, Ken wore a gold wedding ring on his left hand for years.
When he went to police for protection, the officer he talked to seemed more scared than Ken.
For what it's worth, giving the classically handsome Ken a man bun makes him look like a miniature David Beckham.
I found the courage to ask her if she had a boyfriend and she told me she didn't," said Ken.
After a three-year courtship, Ken asked permission from Audrey's family before proposing.
I was lucky enough to first learn Ken Pope's name through Joe Foley as a high school student at the Boston University Tanglewood InstituteJoe took my badly-dented Yamaha horn to him to repair for me one week whilst there, which he did immaculately as I recall, and imagine my surprise and delight to find that he had sent along a gorgeous Karl Hill horn for me to borrow while I waited
Ken's dad died soon afterwards and Ken was absolutely devastated as they were so close.
Pat said: "We had planned to go on a cruise to Corfu and the Greek Islands in May and Ken was really looking forward to it.
I recall numerous conversations with Ken in which his exceptional knowledge on a variety of subjects was evident.
Ken was preceded in death by his parents, Arthur Ehn and Ruth Phillips Ehn of Leicester, Massachusetts.