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Australian stocks.
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Australian Kangaroo

A one-ounce gold bullion coin minted in Australia. The obverse is stamped with the Sovereign of Australia and the reverse with a picture of a kangaroo.


Informal; a stock in Australia. It especially refers to a stock on the All Ordinaries Index, which is the most prominent index of Australian stocks. The term is most often used by foreigners outside of Australia.

Matilda Bond

A foreign bond denominated in Australian dollars and traded in Australia. In order to raise capital from Australian investors, a foreign company may choose to sell a bond in Australia. A Matilda bond is also known as a kangaroo bond. See also: Bulldog bond, Samurai bond, Yankee bond.
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Dorothy told her how the kangaroo had lost her mittens, and Grandmother Gnit promised to set to work at once and make the poor animal another pair.
A recent study has shown that drivers in Australia are spending significant amounts of money dealing with car collisions with kangaroos.
Linda Smith, 64, was feeding around 30 kangaroos and wallabies in Toowoomba, Queensland with her husband late Saturday when a two-metre tall animal attacked her husband Jim and pinned him to the ground.
Norman was put in a large, state-of-the-art enclosure with other kangaroos but was clearly highly strung and by day two was looking for a way out.
Much smaller than their common cousins, tree kangaroos live off the ground, using their tails to hang from branches and their strong limbs for climbing.
There are two main reasons why so many kangaroos are killed.
Juliet said millions of kangaroos were shot in the Outback every year after being blinded by lights, and claimed that helpless babies were clubbed to death.
Baby kangaroos are pulled from their dying mother's pouch to be clubbed to death."
The zoo says Matschie's tree kangaroos are native to Papua New Guinea and typically live to about 8 years old in the wild or 14 years old in captivity.
Red Kangaroo with Joey in Linton Zoo -- CC via Flickr/Mrs Airwolfhound CAIRO -- 23 January 2017: Giza Zoo received on Monday two Red Kangaroos coming from Slovakia.