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Australian stocks.

Australian Kangaroo

A one-ounce gold bullion coin minted in Australia. The obverse is stamped with the Sovereign of Australia and the reverse with a picture of a kangaroo.


Informal; a stock in Australia. It especially refers to a stock on the All Ordinaries Index, which is the most prominent index of Australian stocks. The term is most often used by foreigners outside of Australia.

Matilda Bond

A foreign bond denominated in Australian dollars and traded in Australia. In order to raise capital from Australian investors, a foreign company may choose to sell a bond in Australia. A Matilda bond is also known as a kangaroo bond. See also: Bulldog bond, Samurai bond, Yankee bond.
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DETROIT, Muharram 16, 1437, October 29, 2015, SPA -- Volvo Cars is working on a kangaroo detection system to avoid costly car crashes in Australia, according to AP.
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