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Katch Kan along with Oman Distributor FOS Energy has successfully installed Katch Kan systems on various rigs working for several major operators.
Cruz said that they have been looking for Ali Kan, who fled onboard a black and white motorcycle.
Kan also said, ''The state of Japan could go to ruin if the situation stays as it is.
So I thought, 'This is going to be a disaster'," the Daily Mail quoted Kan, as saying.
In a front-page story on Tuesday, the Sankei Shimbun newspaper reported that prosecutors will investigate and decide whether to slap indictments against Kan.
Japanese media quoted Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano saying on a TV programme that Kan did not intend to stay in power "that long".
Kan survived the no-confidence motion on Thursday after a last-minute offer to resign persuaded party critics not to defect and drive him from office even as the country struggles with the world's worst nuclear crisis in 25 years.
We plan to carry forward while holding a strong belief that the continuation of the Kan government is not good for the country or for the people," secretary-general Nobuteru Ishihara told reporters.
Kan expressed his hope to invite Lee as a state guest and bilateral officials are set to arrange the preparations.
Kan, 63, who has pledged to curb spending and borrowing, is struggling with a strong yen, a fragile recovery and public debt that is twice the size of Japan's $5 trillion economy.
Its coalition with a tiny partner lost their upper house majority in a July election a month after Kan took over and floated a possible rise in the 5 percent sales tax to fix tattered state finances.
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