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Tim Walz said Thursday he thinks the hearing will probably be a kabuki dance where the bills go to die.
It was the politics of symbolism, but not simply a kabuki dance.
In the long Kabuki dance that is the United States presidential election, there are only one or two moments that even come close to a decision worthy of the Oval Office.
Its bread-and-butter has been holding weekly networking meetings, providing health care insurance help for small businesses, organizing the annual Business Expo, and playing its role in the annual kabuki dance with the City Council over the city's dual tax rate.
Once again the Pollard Kabuki Dance has been successfully performed.
Kabuki dance: Last year, the Islamic Republic countered the Big Six offer on enriching Iran uranium to 20 percent by saying it would hand over its 5 percent enriched uranium only after the West shipped 20 percent enriched uranium to Iran.
Washington also must acknowledge that the diplomatic kabuki dance it attempts to choreograph from the cheap seats in New York, Vienna and Baghdad is an inadequate and ineffective approach to address Iranian threats to security in Iraq and elsewhere.
MacLean tells the story of the fight for economic inclusion as a kabuki dance of three sets of players: grassroots organizers and activists, institutional reformers, and the established interests of business and government.
A dance craze is sweeping the nation's capital: the kabuki dance. In Japan, Kabuki is a traditional Japanese drama performed with highly stylized singing and dancing.
A UN conference is a dramatic ritual as carefully choreographed as, albeit substantially less colorful than, a Kabuki dance. The outcome is understood from the beginning: somehow, "consensus" will miraculously be achieved, generally after midnight on the last day of the conference.
In other words, sometimes it's best to stay loose and let the Kabuki dance run its course.
Kiyomoto has three main contexts of performance: kabuki dance, nihon buyo (classical or traditional dance), and in private without dance.