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All total return indices are constructed on a yearly basis to ensure sufficient data points over this time period in constructing these Listed Construction Companies indices, with the market capitalisation-weighted scheme applied due to the consistency with the other existing KLSE indices.
Preparations to merge the KLSE and the Malaysian Exchange of Securities Dealing and Automated Quotation (MESDAQ) over-the-counter market are progressing steadily, he said.
However, the matter seems to be complicated by the suspicion that the Singapore investors are really only nominees for big, politically connected Malaysian investors, who traded via the CLOB rather than the KLSE to avoid scrutiny by Malaysian authorities and media.
All buying-in trades executed prior to the suspension have been affected, but clearing and settlement operations proceeded as usual, the KLSE said in a release.
Since last Tuesday, investors have gone on a buying frenzy that helped push the KLSE to a 29-month high.
In Kuala Lumpur, where recent bankruptcy worries eased with the news troubled Sime Bank is apparently being successfully taken over, the KLSE composite index rose 8.
The bomb attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad dampened investor sentiment in Malaysia, with share prices remaining flat on the KLSE, dealers said.
This study adopted quantitative research method and purposively selected 36 out of 43 listed construction companies (29 Shariah-compliant, 7 Shariah non-compliant) to be assessed with other KLSE sectors.
The performance report demonstrates that the company has fulfilled client's expectation in the SGX & KLSE stock markets with profitable stock trading picks.
The company is primarily focused on providing optimum advantage to retail investors by providing profitable trading recommendations in SGX & KLSE stock market.
KLSE Executive Chairman Mohamad Azlan Hashim said in a statement the implementation of the circuit breaker would have a beneficial impact in times of uncertain external influences on the stock market.
The KLSE listed company, which is growing its presence in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region via Bahrain based Green Packet Networks W.