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KIBOR as a benchmark, to encourage transparency, to promote consistency in market based pricing and improve management of the market risk undertaken by banks.
Given the policy implications of the information, on the magnitude of pass through and the lag structure with which the policy rate influences different market rates, this Paper seeks to measure the pass-through of the changes in six month Treasury bill rate to six month KIBOR, six month weighted average deposit rate and weighted average lending rate.
Still, despite lower liquidity, average KIBOR saw a continued but limited decline in June, ranging between 4 and 8 bps over the different maturities.
Similarly, surcharge at KIBOR plus 3 per cent per annum shall be paid on the deferred amount along with each instalment of duty.
Talking about the incentives, Syed Nasir Shah said Sindh Modaraba Limited shall charge a mark-up rate of KIBOR plus 3.
KWD interbank rates edged higher on the month, with the one month KIBOR offer rate rising by three bps to 1.
The profit is payable at 6 month KIBOR plus 160bps semi-annually in arrears.
PNSC's finance cost reduced to Rs 255 million from Rs 465 million in the same period last year as PNSC started reaping the benefit of swapping and negotiating the expensive loans acquired in 2010 and 2014 at three months KIBOR plus spread of 2.
The sources further said that the NAB carried-out its independent proceedings and without being influenced by any other agency including Privatization Commission of Pakistan, worked-out the liability of accused on its own and also levied the additional charges based on KIBOR rates and recovered Rs.
KWD interbank rates jumped higher on the month, with the 1-month KIBOR offer rate rose by 11 bps to 1.
These loans are recoverable in eight equal quarterly instalments commencing after a grace period of 3 to 4 years by 2015, carrying markup at the rate of three months KIBOR plus 82 to 180 basis points.
This has reversed a trend observed since September of last year that has sent KIBOR down to record lows in June of this year.