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Karachi Inter Bank Offer Rates (KIBOR) is the average interest rate at which banks want to lend money to other banks.
The market rates examined include KIBOR, six month deposit rate and weighted average lending rate.
Kenyan Joseph Kibor (62-36) won the race for the third time ahead of South Africa's Olympic marathon champion Josiah Thugwane (63-47), with Tromans crossing the line in 63-31 on the heels of a second South African and Russian Leonid Shvetsov to make sure of his place in the team to race in Palermo, Sicily, on October 3.
Kenyan Joseph Kibor won the 13.1 mile race for the second time.
A determination of the land dispute between veteran Eldoret politician Jackson Kibor and his six sons will be made on October 7.
The actual cost of borrowing stands at Kibor plus 500 basis points for borrowers under tier-I and Kibor plus 400 basis points for borrowers under tier-II.
'The finance ministry has no problem in borrowing money from conventional banks at Kibor plus a significant premium (because it is) convinced that these Islamic banks can't place their additional liquidity in profitable investments.
This followed a petition by independent candidate Benard Kibor Kitur.But on Friday, the apex court upheld Mr Keter's election in the August 8, 2017 elections.
Nepra said the aim of tariff determination was to notify an approvable interest rate on financing obtained benchmarked against Karachi inter-bank offered rates (KIBOR) and London inter-bank offered (LIBOR).
In a circular, the State Bank of Pakistan said Islamic finance institutions would have to outline their alternative pricing mechanism for participatory financing schemes, replacing the use of the Karachi Inter Bank Offered Rate or KIBOR.
KWD interbank rates also edged lower with the 1-month KIBOR down by one basis point.
Siddiqui said the sovereign Sukuk would be floated for 10 years at an estimated profit rate of Kibor plus 0.8%.