Joint tax return

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Joint tax return

Tax return filed by two people, usually spouses.

Joint Tax Return

A tax return filed by a married couple. Joint tax returns are advantageous, as husbands and wives usually have a lower tax liability filing together than they would filing separately.
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But same-sex couples are not allowed to file joint tax returns in most states that don't recognize their marriages.
As an example, a notice came out allowing same sex-couples to file joint tax returns in 2013, but it only applied to 2013," he says, adding that as of mid-November, updated guidance for 2014 had still not been released.
For joint tax returns, only the tax liability of the deceased is eligible for tax forgiveness.
Few developed countries other than the United States still permit married couples to file joint tax returns.
In a blow to the far right, the Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department said in August that same-sex couples who are legally married in a state that recognizes such unions will be allowed to file joint tax returns and claim other benefits/deductions, even if they have since moved to a state that doesn't recognize their marriage.
Under Section 3 of DOMA, same-sex marriage was not recognized for any federal purposes, including insurance benefits, Social Security benefits, the filing of joint tax returns, and the unlimited marital estate tax exemption available to opposite-sex married couples.
Another way of analyzing taxpayers with W-2 earnings is by looking at the percentage each spouse contributed to the total wage income on joint tax returns.
They include the right to file joint tax returns, as well as the ability to collect death benefits.
Between 2005 and 2008, the couple's joint tax returns list a loss of $760,000.
and were also prepared to file joint tax returns, as per reports.
The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003, effective on May 28, 2003, accelerated the tax reductions in the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Act of 2001, increased the exemption for the alternative minimum tax, and included specific adjustments for married taxpayers filling joint tax returns.

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