joint products

Joint Products

Two or more products derived from the same source using the same tools. For example, natural gas and oil from the same well are joint products. See also: Joint Product Cost.
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joint products

products which emerge from the same production process; for example, petrol, diesel and tar from a common oil refining process.


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We found that the division of the joint product that took place there was similar to the division that took place in the sum total of all industrial processes.
The light was the joint product of a fire and a candle.
The agreement also provides that the companies may expand into other areas of cooperation such as developing joint products that integrate Yandex technologies including speech, navigation, and mapping among others.
"In this plan the 10-percent rise of tariffs on domestic products, 20-percent increase on joint products, 25-percent rise on domestic production of foreign brands and 40-percent increase of tariffs on cigarette imports was applied," he said.
Swiss parent Sika AG announced the latest of those deals last month: a $38 million acquisition of Emseal Joint Systems, Ltd., a leader in structural expansion joint products for new construction and retrofit.
It's necessary to reject the re-export model and proceed to modern forms of partnership, such as joint processing of products, assembly of modernized equipment and a full-fledged traditional production of joint products," he said.
It is vital that couples are open about their finances, especially if they are living together and have joint products together.
Participants also addressed means of promoting joint products such Gulf EX service to enhance clients' confidence and secure a better future for the post industry.
The two companies said they envision a powerful collaboration and venture into joint products, expanding on Opera's product footprint.
Oculus VR founder and CEO Brendan Iribe has announced that more joint products with Samsung Electronics are in the pipeline.
Large food manufacturers in the United States produce tons of off-spec food byproducts and joint products that are perfectly healthy and nourishing for hungry individuals to consume, but nonetheless end up in city dumps.

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