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However, in a joint note issued by the leading trade associations on Monday, ship captains were requested to register with the Royal Navy's liaison body, the United Kingdom Marine Trade Operations, and to provide their transit plans 24 to 48 hours before entering the region.
The session ended with a joint note stating that the stake holders will best utilize alternative dispute option through dispute resolution council instead of promotion litigation to minimize public worries and support long lasting peace in the region.
We are preparing a joint note to the Bishkek City Council.
France, Spain, Poland and Italy were among those that backed the joint note to the Commission calling it on to "urgently correct" inconsistencies between the draft rules and the terms of the CAP deal.
In a joint note submitted to the department of economic affairs ( DEA), the two carriers said: " We confirm that the commercial co- operation agreement ( CCA) will not undermine the powers of the Board of the company at any time to enter or exit from such commercial arrangement." Sources confirmed that Naresh Goyal- led Jet has also changed the shareholders agreement, and amended the investment agreement and the articles of association as suggested by FIPB, headed by DEA secretary Arvind Mayaram.
In addition, the B1 rating of the joint note CTF No1 remains on review
These actions would "reduce food price instability and boost food security", said the joint note.
On April 7th, 1900, British, US, German and French ministers sent a joint note to the Chinese government saying that they would land troops to protect their countrymen living in China if the Boxer rebellion was not suppressed within two months.
The leaders of eight nations -- Britain, Italy and former Eastern Bloc nations -- have issued a joint note supporting the U.S.
At the most recent meeting of national experts (Standing Committee on Agriculture), the group issued a joint note saying the reformed system of vine plantation rules should begin in 2019 (three years later than planned) without a specific end date.
of cross default provisions in the joint note documents increases the
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