joint life annuity

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Joint Life Annuity

An annuity that two persons, almost always a married couple, open in order to provide for both in retirement. A joint life annuity makes payments to the designated party as long as one of the spouses remains alive. Depending on the nature of the agreement, the amount in the payments may decrease when the first spouse passes away. It is also called a joint and survivor annuity.
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joint life annuity

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Joint annuities are available, so a married couple might get this payout as long as either spouse is alive.
"Yet the difference between single and joint annuities can be just a few hundred pounds a year."
There are several types of annuity available, including those that pay out a fixed rate for life, those that are linked to the rate of inflation, those that start lower but increase over time, joint annuities that provide for your spouse/partner on your death and, of course, the enhanced annuities mentioned above.
(Joint annuities have lower payouts than single life annuities.)

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