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JBoss Seam represents a major reconsideration and simplification of the way Enterprise Java applications are developed," said Shaun Connolly, vice president of product management, JBoss, Inc.
Terracotta is drop-in technology that is easy to deploy and makes all Java applications enterprise-class.
Terracotta dramatically accelerates time-to-market and drives down total cost of ownership of enterprise-class Java applications for any organization by eliminating performance tuning from the development lifecycle.
Executor for JMX facilitates all the scheduling functions for Java applications, including monitoring the entire J2EE engine and Java Virtual Machine.
Speiros is an all-Java network-computing environment that makes Java applications available on demand across the network, from any server to any client device, regardless of platform or operating system.
radically simplifies the scale out of enterprise Java applications by delivering enterprise-class clustering and caching services transparently at runtime with no application code changes.
Using Mpowerplayer(TM), mobile gamers and casual mobile users can try exciting mobile Java applications on Sun Microsystems' wildly popular consumer Web site, Java.
As Mac developers move into more complex Java applications, they need enterprise-strength solutions that will assist them throughout the software application lifecycle," said Paolini.
LynuxWorks and Apogee Software today announced that Apogee's Aphelion Java Development Environment (JDE) derived from IBM's WebSphere Studio Device Developer (WSDD), and Aphelion Java Runtime Environments (JREs) comprised of Apogee's ports of IBM's J2ME-compatible WebSphere Micro Environment (WME), will be offered to LynuxWorks' customers deploying Java applications on the LynxOS real-time or BlueCat Linux operating systems.
The VxWorks and LynxOS/BlueCat targeted Aphelion is comprehensive software offering for development and deployment of Java applications targeted at many types of embedded systems.
With the Wind River Platform, IBM WebSphere Micro Environment and Apogee Aphelion(TM) technologies, customers can configure and port Java applications from device-to-device easily, allowing them to develop and run applications that connect the enterprise to the device.
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