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An entity that puts a financial asset in the marketplace.
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An organization that registers, distributes, and sells a security on the primary market. An issuer can be a private company or a government. For example, if a company registers a stock with the SEC, makes arrangements to underwrite it, and keeps the proceeds from its sale, it is said to be the issuer of that stock.
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An organization that is selling or has sold its securities to the public.
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An issuer is a corporation, government, agency, or investment trust that sells securities, such as stocks and bonds, to investors. Issuers may sell the securities through an underwriter as part of a public offering or as a private placement.

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In case such securities cannot be listed, the issuing company shall encash these securities at the option of the shareholders.
As the issue of CBs may diliute the existing shareholders of a public joint stock company, the CCL requires the shareholders of the issuing company to approve the isssue of CBs in a general assembly with special attendance and voting quorums.
Characteristics of equity include no maturity date, no ongoing payments, and deep subordination, which means it's low on the hierarchy of debtors who'd receive cash if the issuing company went under.
However, the holder (who may or may not be an employee of the issuing company) generally has to include in income the difference between the stock's FMV at the exercise date over the price paid for the stock.
The promissory note is a promise by the issuing company, the pachinko operator, that it will pay the supplier (the wholesaler) the amount covered by the note, usually within 60 to 180 days.
In May, Oceana Publications (Dobbs Ferry, NY) released Securities Law Claims: A Practical Guide, a new volume that provides an examination of legal matters in the securities market from the perspective of an issuing company. Targeted to board members, trustees and counsel, the book includes an overview of securities law concepts and "enough detail to begin an action plan at any stage from securities issue to prosecution," the company said.
A central bank official Dyah Nastiti said the regulation is aimed at forestalling big payment failures by holders that has jolted a big South Korean credit card issuing company, LG Card Co.
These accounts do not typically charge the fees--the issuing company determines an appropriate interest rate.
"But then, in the '70s, investment bankers invented mandatorily redeemable preferred stock--preferred stock that had to be redeemed by the issuing company in, say, 10 years.
* Mandatorily redeemable shares, where the issuing company is obligated to buy back shares in exchange for cash or assets.
With AMA Internet ID technology, ownership of the digital signature resides with the issuing company rather than the physician.
Treasury stock refers to shares that are repurchased by the issuing company. The Commercial Code currently restricts corporate buybacks of such shares to limited purposes such as retiring the shares from the market.