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An entity that puts a financial asset in the marketplace.


An organization that registers, distributes, and sells a security on the primary market. An issuer can be a private company or a government. For example, if a company registers a stock with the SEC, makes arrangements to underwrite it, and keeps the proceeds from its sale, it is said to be the issuer of that stock.


An organization that is selling or has sold its securities to the public.


An issuer is a corporation, government, agency, or investment trust that sells securities, such as stocks and bonds, to investors. Issuers may sell the securities through an underwriter as part of a public offering or as a private placement.

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Further, on a case-by-case basis, the PCAOB may allow any person, issuer or public accounting firm to perform or cause to be performed, one of the listed services, provided such service is necessary or appropriate in the public interest, protects investors and is subject to SEC review.
The advantage to the issuer here is that stock prices won't be disrupted by speculation and stock market inefficiency.
check] If the attorney is not providing legal services to the issuer, the attorney has no duty to report, and that can be the end of the matter.
A financial instrument that embodies an unconditional obligation, or a financial instrument other than an outstanding share that embodies a conditional obligation, that the issuer must or may settle by issuing a variable number of its equity shares, if, at inception, the monetary value of the obligation is based solely or predominantly on any of the following:
The issuer remains the "taxpayer" for purposes of the audit, however, so the borrower's tax department will need to obtain Form 8821 (Tax Information Authorization) from the issuer in order to deal directly with the IRS and will similarly need the issuer to sign Form 2848 (Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative) if outside counsel is brought in.
13, 1994, agreement between MIL and RMF, there is no agreement, commitment arrangement or understanding between MIL and any other person as to the voting of or control or direction over any common shares of the Issuer and MIL is not acting jointly or in concert with any other person in connection with the securities of the Issuer.
1275-4(b) non-contingent-bond method, under which the issuer determines a comparable yield on a fixed-rate debt instrument.
Copies of any periodic or annual disclosures regarding disagreements between the issuer and the firm during the preceding calendar year.
iii) the issuer or a related person has the right but not obligation to redeem or purchase the stock, and, as of the issue date, it is more likely than not that such right will be exercised, or
Although the bankruptcy risk of the issuer is removed from the transaction, the smooth receipt of cash flow is essential to paying investors interest and principal promptly.
13, 1994 agreement also provides that should either RMF or MIL (the "Offeree") receive an offer from a third party to purchase from the Offeree a number of common shares of the Issuer greater than 5 percent of their issued and outstanding common shares of the Issuer, the Offeree will not accept such offer unless, pursuant thereto, each of RMF and MIL is entitled to accept such offer on a pro rata basis out of the common shares of the Issuer then owned by him or it.