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Celestica's TCOO system is focused on evaluating supplier performance by measuring the total cost to produce, deliver and support products and services beyond the supplier invoice price.
More alarming is that the data presented are invoice data, and therefore do not reflect the actual cost of the vaccines, which the American Academy of Pediatrics has calculated to be 17%-28% above invoice price ("The business case for pricing vaccines," AAP, March, 2012).
It goes on to note that it is important to understand the difference in invoice price and net revenue trends.
The final invoice price of electric energy is determined within the framework of an agreement in accordance with the price of mortgages tasks.
These prices, he pointed out, are only "a fraction of the invoice price of other Philippine importers of both tobacco leaf and acetate tow.
Return to Invoice Insurance (RTI) or Back to Invoice (BTI), covers the difference between the insurance payout and the original purchase invoice price or the outstanding settlement figure owed to your car finance company - whichever is the greater.
New owner pays electric & invoice price if any repairs are needed.
It then takes negotiated supplier pricing and compares it to actual invoice price.
The Plan price is at or below dealer invoice price and is available in addition to most other publicly offered programs.
The Invoice price cover is a unique product feature that covers the "shortfall amount" between the insured value (invoice value less depreciation) of the vehicle and the showroom price OR the current replacement value of the vehicle.
TO THE STORE MANAGER: Promoter will redeem this voucher provided against the invoice price of a Kingsmill Oatilicious 800g loaf - only purchased at participating SPAR stores.