Invoice price

Invoice price

The price that the buyer of a futures contract must pay the seller when the underlying asset (such as Treasury bond) is delivered.

Invoice Price

1. In Treasury futures contracts, the amount the buyer must pay the seller when the Treasury note is delivered. This is calculated as the settlement price of the future, plus interest that has accrued.

2. In international trade, the price against which an ad valorem tariff is levied. The tariff is calculated as a percentage of the price listed on an invoice.

3. In the automotive industry, the price a manufacturer charges a dealer before any applicable discounts or rebates.
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Celestica's TCOO(TM) system is focused on evaluating supplier performance by measuring the total cost to produce, deliver and support products and services beyond the supplier invoice price.
Return to Invoice Insurance (RTI) or Back to Invoice (BTI), covers the difference between the insurance payout and the original purchase invoice price or the outstanding settlement figure owed to your car finance company - whichever is the greater.
New owner pays electric & invoice price if any repairs are needed.
It then takes negotiated supplier pricing and compares it to actual invoice price.
Ireland introduced a ban on selling below-cost in 1987 where cost was defined as the invoice price of the goods, including VAT, carriage and insurance charges.
New car purchasers stand to gain from the return to invoice addon, which covers the difference between the invoice price and your claim in the case of total loss (where the repair cost exceeds 75 per cent of the insured value).
TO THE STORE MANAGER: Promoter will redeem this voucher provided against the invoice price of a Kingsmill Oatilicious 800g loaf - only purchased at participating SPAR stores.
In essence, the actual invoice price for the respective goods must be reduced.
Always negotiate up from the factory invoice price, not down from the sticker price, which is a higher price than the dealer expects you to pay.
The firm says buyers will pay the factory invoice price of the car, plus the usual on-the-road costs of around pounds 500, depending on the model.
i-STAT will pay Nova a royalty of four percent of the invoice price of products utilizing the licensed method sold in the United States beginning January 1, 2001.
It's a far more appropriate practice than the latest purchasing trend, in which some buyers are taking the 5% reduction off the invoice price themselves before submitting payment--often without so much as a phone call.