Invoice price

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Invoice price

The price that the buyer of a futures contract must pay the seller when the underlying asset (such as Treasury bond) is delivered.
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Invoice Price

1. In Treasury futures contracts, the amount the buyer must pay the seller when the Treasury note is delivered. This is calculated as the settlement price of the future, plus interest that has accrued.

2. In international trade, the price against which an ad valorem tariff is levied. The tariff is calculated as a percentage of the price listed on an invoice.

3. In the automotive industry, the price a manufacturer charges a dealer before any applicable discounts or rebates.
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President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver said the SME exporters were looking forward to reduce their invoice prices taking into consideration the Pakistani rupee they would realize due to the devaluation but their plans were negated by the increase in prices by the unexpected increase in prices of raw materials by the greedy local manufacturers who are taking undue advantage of the situation.
This change represents 30.5 percent of the average $308.99 increase in manufacturers' invoice prices for this year's models as compared with last year's models.
The report points out that the above analyses are based on invoice prices and do not reflect various rebates and off-invoice discounts.
This transformation evolved over the past 10 or so years as car buyers armed themselves with specific model invoice prices, detailed intelligence on markups, competing dealer bids, and the ability to get current online updates at home or on the phone while standing in the dealer showroom.
"Again data from your end on import prices or invoice prices from the US is also a key to establishing whether [Mighty] has been truthfully declaring import values for correct payment of duties and taxes," Suansing said.
This means distributor invoice prices - upon which they base their markups - rarely correlate to the price they paid for a product, said one expert, who likened the process to "negotiating a used car deal." This is a disadvantage to small and more inexperienced operators who will get charged more than larger chain counterparts.
* Siegwerk increased gross invoice prices for all products for paper and board applications.
The probe further found violations in assigning public tenders, artificially hiked invoice prices, and poor living conditions for the refugees - all leading to abuse of resources from the European Refugee Fund.
This figure represents 73.8 percent of the average increase in manufacturers' invoice prices. In the light truck segment, $306.26 in quality changes accounted for 75.7 percent of average increases in invoice price.
Last month, we talked about information that you should know when considering a car purchase (see "Car Buying 101," Shopsmart, October 2004), such as where to get pricing data and dealer invoice prices. Now, it's time to utilize your knowledge and chutzpah so that you can play "let's make a deal" with the salesperson.
Congress had put in place an American Selling Price (ASP) tariff system in 1909, replacing ad valorem tariffs based on invoice prices by tariffs based on what the imported commodity would cost to produce in America.