intangible asset

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Intangible asset

A legal claim to some future benefit, typically a claim to future cash. Goodwill, intellectual property, patents, copyrights, and trademarks are examples of intangible assets.

Intangible Asset

In accounting, any asset that cannot be seen or touched. Intangible assets include things like patents and brand recognition, which add value to a company, but are difficult to price. Intangible assets explicitly do not include actual things, such as widgets, a widget factory, or the land upon which the widget factory is built. Because of the difficulty in pricing, intangible assets are sometimes not included in a company's valuation. However, not including them may not express the company's true value. See also: Tangible assets.

intangible asset

An asset such as a patent, goodwill, or a mining claim that has no physical properties. Since intangible assets are often difficult to value accurately, such assets when included on a corporate balance sheet may have a true value significantly different from the dollar amounts indicated there. Compare tangible asset.
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He claimed that the thing, whatever it was, was invisible, that with his own eyes he had seen that it was invisible; wherefore his tearful wife and daughters shook their heads, and wherefore he but waxed the more violent, and the gardener and the coachman tightened the straps by another hole.
All I could see was the blotch of shadow and the rainbow flashes, the dust rising from the invisible feet, the earth tearing up from beneath the straining foot-grips, and the wire screen bulge once or twice as their bodies hurled against it.
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Beguet, Veronique, 2006, Des entites invisibles qui font vivre les humains : Une approche cosmocentrique de la differenciation, de la preseance et leur articulation l'egalitarisme chez les iban de Sarawak (Malaysia).
The thesis also insists on the need to take seriously animism, including the existence of invisible entities as a real phenomenon, questioning the agnostic foundations of anthropology.
The first allows a passage between co-natural living beings (human, animal, vegetal and mineral) and invisible beings (antu).
For our spring roundup of notable new releases, we've chosen five acts - Mono, Jimmy Ray, God Lives Underwater, Rebekah and Los Amigos Invisibles - offering a range of music from chilly electronic dub to bubble-gum pop to a joyful world-music hybrid from Venezuela.
Venezuela's genre-skipping Los Amigos Invisibles thought the person on the long-distance telephone line was joking when he introduced himself as David Byrne, ex-leader of the Talking Heads and head of the world-music label Luaka Bop.
Los Amigos Invisibles - which recently played a string of local club dates and is about to hit the road with Soul Coughing - call their music gozadera, a '50s Venezuelan term for lounge or party.
There are too many to be truly invisible, and yet the government has discouraged NGOs from getting involved in helping them.