Investor's equity

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Investor's equity

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Investor's Equity

The balance of money or securities an investor keeps in a margin account in order to be able to borrow from a brokerage for short sales or other purposes. Investor's equity is kept as collateral until the brokerage calls the margin and the client pays back what is owed. FINRA requires that investor's equity must be at least 25% of the amount borrowed at all times, while some brokerages require equity of up to 50%. See also: Maintenance.
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The Schroder Volatility Controlled Equity Fund is claimed to have been structured to offer investors equity exposure with downside protection, enabling clients to keep on track with their long-term goals.
Weakness in crude oil post the OPEC's decision to maintain output has been weighing on sentiment of investors equity markets.
"It is not a substitute to a diversified fund and we would always recommend diversified funds to be at the core of an investors equity allocations," says Subramaniam.
Campaign investors Equity Residential and Yardi were each recognized for their $500,000 commitments.
Financing Source US$ Millions IFC Loan 938 IFC Equity 120 IFC Quasi-equity 59 IFC Guarantee, Standby And Risk Management 45 Total Investment for IFC's own Account 1,1622 IFC Loan Syndication Program (48 loans) 739 Investors Loan 746 Investors Equity 1,151 Investors Quasi-equity 201 Investors Total (184 firms) 2,098 TOTAL: 3,999

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