Investor relations

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Investor relations

The process by which the corporation communicates with its investors.

Investor Relations

The department of a publicly-traded company that deals directly with shareholders and potential shareholders. The investor relations department answers questions, provides information, and generally serves as a direct link between shareholders and the company they partially own.
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The significance for investor relations officers is that institutional investors are no longer willing to rely on brokerage analysts as the primary storytellers for the company.
The 2005 survey, conducted earlier this year, also has information on topical issues affecting investor relations measuring their level of satisfaction with current standards of corporate financial reporting and corporate governance together with changes they would most like to see in these areas and their expectations of shareholder activism.
A good IR person needs to understand the company and be a really effective communicator," notes Mark Aaron, vice president of investor relations at Tiffany & Co.
First, because the enclosed brochure will tell you as much about Investor Relations Guide as I could, and second, because you can have the actual Guide to review first hand for a full 30 days without risk or obligation.
Best investor relations by a CEO or chairman at an ASX 100 company

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