Investor relations

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Investor relations

The process by which the corporation communicates with its investors.
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Investor Relations

The department of a publicly-traded company that deals directly with shareholders and potential shareholders. The investor relations department answers questions, provides information, and generally serves as a direct link between shareholders and the company they partially own.
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On one hand, parsing an investor presentation as if it's the Fed minutes could be taking things too far, but on the other hand, investor relations departments pay attention to nuance -- and given the overall importance placed on the 'IMO 2020 effect' by investors, any change in tone is important.
Retail shareholders have typically used mail, email, and Twitter to contact companies and their investor relations departments, but the companies have had no way to verify who was a shareholder.
In this position, Mathewes will head the company's finance, accounting, portfolio, treasury, tax and investor relations departments. He will serve a critical role as a business partner across the executive team to develop and implement its corporate and financial strategies to continue to grow revenue and expand globally.
I maintain that the creation of dedicated investor relations departments is one of the most significant improvements the markets can aim for in the near future.
New York, June 1 -- Institutional Investor, a world leading financial information company founded in 1967, is pleased to announce the results of the 2016 rankings of Japan's top CEOs, CFOs, Investor Relations Officers and Investor Relations Departments. Institutional Investor's CEO, David Antin, is the founder of the Executive Team rankings, which are supported by deep data and have become a key benchmark globally.
In March 2014, the SCA announced its board had approved a proposal that requires listed companies to set up dedicated investor relations departments.
Investor relations departments function as intermediaries to provide financial markets with information about the company.
As we developed the following list, our editors reached out to the executive offices or investor relations departments of every company with a series of e-mails and phone calls to gain explanations for the absence of black representation as well as the lack of recruitment effort.
CEO Reed Hastings, for example, posted his fateful Facebook message without input from his company's legal or investor relations departments.
Brent Feigenbaum has joined Centerline Capital Group to head its corporate marketing communications and investor relations departments. Feigenbaum is a 25-year veteran in strategic marketing communications.
* Inquiries with the investor relations departments at Acquiring and Target;
Principles of these recommendations were: importance of establishing professional Investor Relations Departments at all listed companies; a step that would ensure constant flow of information, and additional adherence to disclosure and transparency.

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