Investor relations

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Investor relations

The process by which the corporation communicates with its investors.
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Investor Relations

The department of a publicly-traded company that deals directly with shareholders and potential shareholders. The investor relations department answers questions, provides information, and generally serves as a direct link between shareholders and the company they partially own.
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Copies of the documents filed with the SEC by Keane are available free of charge on Keane's website at or by contacting Keane's Investor Relations Department by email at or by phone at 281-929-0370.
A copy of the slide presentation can be accessed by contacting the company's investor relations department at (818) 224-7028, the company added.
Sultan Al Khalil of DMO's Financial Institutions and Investor Relations Department and Mr.
Steven Peikin, SEC co-director of enforcement, told reporters Thursday that Tesla's investor relations department had scrambled to contain the fallout from Musk's tweets, falsely assuring investors the matter was effectively a done deal.
Individuals who are unable to access the website but would like to receive a copy of the slide presentation should contact the Company's Investor Relations department at (818) 264-4907.
Today, Meyer oversees JVM's expanding Investor Relations Department and its newly licensed broker-dealer entity, JVM Securities.
The investor relations department at iHeart did not respond toRBR+TVBR's Friday morning request for a Q4 2018 release date.
Mohammed al-Sahli joined QFB in 2011 as head of investor relations to establish and manage the investor relations department. In 2013, he brought corporate communications under his umbrella.
Mohammed al Sahli joined QFB in 2011 as head of investor relations to establish and manage QFB Investor Relations Department.
Meanwhile, Head of OTMT's Investor Relations Department Marawan Hussein said the company will proceed with the acquisition procedures.
Alex has been working with HSBC in Dubai since 2010, heading the Bank's investor relations department for the MENA region.

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