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About 98 percent of the total accounts were held by domestic investors while the rest were owned by foreign investors.
'My experience leading Shinhan Paribas Asset Management as CEO helps a lot in attracting foreign investors,' Cho said.
As it turns out, he regularly participates in corporate development initiatives and, in fact, formerly served on the company's corporate development and financial analysis team before being recruited into the investor relations function.
"One of the barriers to those types of companies who are trying to grow or start up their business is that they can't find investors in the North who are willing to invest, because they don't understand them," says Noble.
* In April, France's Axa said it received a binding offer for its reinsurance operations from a group of investors led by Stone Point Capital LLC.
Grand prix for best overall investor relations by a small or mid-cap company:
"One of the reasons that the Latin American markets have done so well is that investors are looking for returns," says San Miguel.
Relieved foreign and individual investors piled back into Japanese stocks, pushing the Nikkei 225 back to a rebound high of 12,196 in April 2004, for a handy 60 percent gain.
Mutual fund fees are much more difficult to decipher since they are deducted daily from the net asset value and are not seen by investors. Mutual fund fees are disclosed within the prospectus, but in technical language, so the investor is required to calculate the amounts.
Simply by avoiding the bad habits that so often plague investors.

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