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Investment Vehicle

A security or derivative. An investment vehicle may be rigidly structured, as in an asset-backed security, or it may be quite basic, like a stock or bond. One uses an investment vehicle in order to make a profit on the capital one has invested in it. An investment vehicle may involve the purchase of a debt obligation, which entitles one to repayment with interest, or it may involve buying an ownership stake in a business, with the hope that the business will become profitable. Many different investment vehicles exist, and each is subject to greater or lesser regulation in the jurisdiction in which it takes place. Each one has its own risks and rewards; choosing the correct investment vehicles for a portfolio requires a combination of astuteness, knowledge of the market, timing, and good luck.

investment vehicle

A specific investment having attributes that are intended to accomplish certain goals. Examples of investment vehicles include common stock, preferred stock, bonds, options, futures, annuities, and collectibles.
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Modifications to the Regulation on Infrastructure Financing and Securitization now allows for the creation of investment vehicles to finance public works projects, reports Nacion.
The group also allegedly closed down the fraudulent investment vehicle in June 2008 and distributed its subprime holdings among other, legitimate, CUSO investment vehicles.
Plan size is the key factor in determining whether a defined contribution plan uses institutional investment vehicles.
ML Participacoes S/A and Paraguacu Participacoes LTDA are investment vehicles for investment in Ipanema.
After Madoff was arrested by the FBI in a huge fraud case in December 2008, Nomura Securities told Inui that trading in some of the investment vehicles for the financial instruments was suspended, resulting in damage to Inui.
The suit was filed against the bank and another company by Oddo Asset Management, a unit of France's Oddo et Cie, over two structured investment vehicles that were placed under receivership in 2008.
Stockbridge Real Estate Funds are a series of real estate private equity investment vehicles which are capitalized by major public and private pension funds and corporate investors.
Although you will be charged interest, the loans are not taxable, unlike funds withdrawn from other investment vehicles, such as 401 (k) plans.
For the more ambitious holiday green giver, there are other investment vehicles.
financial institutions that have come to light over the past few years have seriously victimized the small investor and rocked the public's confidence in most investment vehicles.

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