investment vehicle

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Investment Vehicle

A security or derivative. An investment vehicle may be rigidly structured, as in an asset-backed security, or it may be quite basic, like a stock or bond. One uses an investment vehicle in order to make a profit on the capital one has invested in it. An investment vehicle may involve the purchase of a debt obligation, which entitles one to repayment with interest, or it may involve buying an ownership stake in a business, with the hope that the business will become profitable. Many different investment vehicles exist, and each is subject to greater or lesser regulation in the jurisdiction in which it takes place. Each one has its own risks and rewards; choosing the correct investment vehicles for a portfolio requires a combination of astuteness, knowledge of the market, timing, and good luck.

investment vehicle

A specific investment having attributes that are intended to accomplish certain goals. Examples of investment vehicles include common stock, preferred stock, bonds, options, futures, annuities, and collectibles.
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The employer, however, should have a say in the investment vehicle if it will be required to pay tax on the investment income.
More and more, they are considering turnaround investment vehicles as a profitable alternative.
Read on to find out how much of your hard-earned cash you should be putting to work in the form of stocks, mutual funds and other investment vehicles.
The first thing to remember about using cash value life insurance as an investment vehicle is that although a return of premiums is permissible, canceling the policy and withdrawing the interest accrued is considered a full surrender and is subject to surrender charges.
Cortec Group's most recent investment vehicle, has over $410 million of committed equity capital to acquire platform companies with enterprise values of $30 million to $250 million and smaller follow-on acquisitions.
We hope this proves to be an attractive investment vehicle for investors and for the city.
Also participating are new investor Presidio Ventures -- the early-stage investment vehicle of Sumitomo Corp.
Sources have been, and will continue to be, issuances of stock and other public debt and equity securities, private placement transactions (like from Five Arrows Realty Securities LLC, an investment vehicle through which institutional capital may participate in real estate investment), through public/private joint ventures, and through mortgage financings.
com) is the premier investment vehicle developed for capturing the opportunities associated with the substantial increase in the economic value of clean technologies.
other public debt and equity securities; private placement transactions (like from Five Arrows Realty Securities LLC (FARS), an investment vehicle through which institutional capital may participate in real estate investment); through public/private joint ventures; and through mortgage financings.
INTL Consilium launched their first investment vehicle in July 2004.
NEW YORK -- The Blackstone Group today announced the closing of its eighth structured debt investment vehicle, a $500 million collateralized debt obligation fund (CDO) named Prospect Park CDO, Ltd.

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