investment value

Investment value

Applies mainly to dealer securities. Fixed income value of a convertible, the price at which the convert would have to sell as a straight debt instrument relative to the yield of other bonds of like maturity, size, and quality represents a presumed floor to the bond, assuming the continued creditworthiness of the issuer and the general level of interest rates. Bond value. See: conversion value.
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Straight Value

In convertible security, the value of the security itself (usually a bond or preferred stock) without considering the fact that it may be converted to common stock. That is, the straight value is the value of a convertible bond less the value of the conversion option. It is also called the bond value or the investment value.
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investment value

The value of property to a particular investor,aside from the property's general market value. Often encountered when a person sells appreciated real estate and must identify another property to purchase within 45 days in order to take advantage of the 1031 tax exchange vehicle for deferring taxes. Because of the short time limits, that investor is willing to pay a higher price than someone else,because the investor must buy something in order to avoid paying income taxes on the earlier sale.

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The upstream sector saw an increase of 3 per cent in the total potential investment value of new projects this quarter, rising to $48.8 billion from $47.4 billion last quarter, with a 6 per cent decrease in the number of new project announcements since Q1 2013.
Chang explained that his organization has been inspired to set up an association of Chinese enterprises operating in Taiwan for a time, mainly Chinese investments in Taiwan are far lower than Taiwanese investments in China in terms of number of investment cases and investment value.
Dubai: Sheffield Real Estate FZC, developers of the skyscraper Marina 101, said it will build three projects on the Dubai Waterfront at a cumulative investment value of Dh3.5 billion.
"Wilton Corporate Center offered the investor a highly attractive combination of location, building quality, current income, and long term growth in investment value, "said Mr.
If section 163(j) is a concern, the lender might be shown that avoiding the deferral results in a higher investment value due to the tax savings, making a lower equity percentage in everyone's best interest.
The Washington, D.C.-based communications company--whose properties include Black Entertainment Television (which produces black-oriented cable programming) and YSB and Emerge magazines--became the first black-owned company on the New York Stock Exchange by demonstrating investment value, in terms of both past performance and growth potential.
is acquiring four solar plants totalling 20mwp for a combined investment value of GBP 21m (USD 25.57m), the company said.
IDB officials noted that investments by the electronic and computer industry, which used to outpace the other industries by investment value in the past, have slowed since the fourth quarter of 2011 mainly due to global economic doldrums, but are expected to shoot up significantly on gradual global economic recovery in the short term.
"120 Bloomingdale Road offered the investor a highly attractive combination of location, quality, stable proven income, and long term investment value," said Mr.
Vice Premier Sean Chen, chairman of the national security fund committee, pinpointed nine stock categories with investment value, including communications/network, rubber, auto, electric machinery, chemical, cement, bio-medicine, plastics, and electronic channels, as their stock prices fail to reflect growth in revenues and after-tax net profits in the first three quarters this year, leading to low PE (price/earnings) ratio.