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To well carry out propaganda activities to stabilize investment psychology, raise public awareness and understanding of investment in securities market.
A phrase I have heard to describe investment psychology at the moment is "confused apathy.
Investment psychology also differs somewhat by gender, with male investors showing greater tolerance for risk than female investors.
Presently, the global investment psychology is risk-averse, which affects the ability for exploration companies to access capital to advance projects," Williams said.
Forecasting Financial Markets: The Psychology of Successful Investing offers college-level readers a fine, well-detailed introduction to investment psychology.
To boost her knowledge, she spent $2,000 on a seven-day class designed to teach her as much as possible about trading--everything from investment psychology to the technical strategies used by securities pros.
The problem facing the specialists, whose duty is to find a price that matches buyers and sellers (and buy or sell shares themselves if necessary to get the market open), was that investment psychology was shifting dramatically as they tried to open stocks.
It is interesting to see the European investment psychology switching again as they are once more looking at the United States in general, and at New York in particular, as a safe place for business and trade, where - despite some cyclical adjustments - one should have a presence if one wants to be international.

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