Investment objective

Investment objective

The financial objective of an investor. Whether the investor requires income or capital appreciation, for example. The investor's objective governs the investment strategy.

investment objective

The financial goal or goals of an investor. An investor may wish to maximize current income, maximize capital gains, or set a middle course of current income with some appreciation of capital. Defining investment objectives helps to determine the investments an individual should select.

Investment objective.

An investment objective is a financial goal that helps determine the type of investments you make. For example, if you want a source of regular income, you might select a portfolio of high-rated bonds and dividend-paying stocks.

Each mutual fund describes its investment objective in its prospectus, along with the strategy the fund manager follows to meet that objective. Mutual fund investors often look for funds whose stated objectives are compatible with their own goals.

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With the change, ESD's primary investment objective will become high current income and its secondary investment objective will become capital appreciation.
10 July 2012 - BMO Harris Investment Management Inc said Monday it would file for a regulatory approval to modify the investment objective of its international special equity portfolio.

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