Investment horizon

Investment horizon.

Your investment horizon is the point in time when you hope to achieve a particular investment goal. That horizon, sometimes called your time frame, may be fixed or flexible, depending on the nature of the goal and the investment decisions you take.

For example, paying for college is often a fixed goal because most students enroll the year they graduate from high school. Retirement may be a more flexible goal if you have the choice about when you will stop working.

The landscape can be more complicated if you have more than one investment goal, and therefore there's more than one horizon in the picture.

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FBGF seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation with a conservative risk profile and a medium to long-term investment horizon. FBGF's investment philosophy is to provide stable returns by investing in a portfolio balanced between equities and fixed income instruments.
SINCap is a Pan-Asia multi-asset professional investment firm with a differentiated investment approach centred around different tenets such as a long-term investment horizon and close partnership with management; building platforms in under-invested but high growth industries; and employing an ''Investor-Operator'' model focused on comprehensive operational value-add.
Formed in 2003, Vulcan Capital takes an entrepreneur-friendly approach and invests in both private and public companies with a long-term investment horizon. The company, now including its Singapore office, is unique in that investment returns generated by Vulcan Capital will go towards funding the development of globally focused philanthropic initiatives, delivered through Vulcan and its many partners.
With the share price at 102.5p, the board believes this premium to NAV "supports the growth potential of the company's investments and demonstrates an understanding among shareholders of the company's investment rationale and investment horizon".
The 12% pullback in the stock since the company's Q4 results, due to trade war concerns, an Altaba (AABA) selling event, and concern over near-term investment in growth initiatives, has created an opportunity to own shares with a long-term investment horizon, Devitt tells investors in a research note.
Sheikh Faisal Bin Thani Al-Thani said Qatar is planning various projects in Pakistan with an investment horizon in Pakistan for next 10-15 years.
ISLAMABAD -- Sheikh Faisal Bin Thani Al-Thani, head of Qatar Investment Authority, on Monday said that Qatar is planning various projects in Pakistan with an investment horizon in the country for next 10-15 years.
"Sama Global's strategy is to create lasting value for all its partners through a lasting investment horizon, disciplined development, and robust organisational culture.
This widens the investment horizon and benefits of diversification to investors.
Also, the investors who have moderate risk appetite and an investment horizon for 3 year," it added.
In other words, young people with a strong enough dislike for risk will view the stock market as too risky because they are young (and thus have a long investment horizon) and they are focused on the potential for disaster.

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