Investment grade

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Investment grade

In the context of bond ratings, the rating level above which institutional investors have been authorized to invest.
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Investment Grade

Describing a bond with a medium or high rating. Bonds rated Baa3 by Moody's or BBB- by S&P or Fitch. Investment-grade bonds are considered sufficiently low-risk that the law allows banks to invest in them. In addition to being low-risk, investment-grade bonds are low-return, greatly reducing the cost on the issuer. Most American Treasury and municipal bonds are investment-grade. See also: Junk, High-Rating.
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Investment grade.

When a bond is rated investment grade, its issuer is considered able to meet its obligations, exposing bondholders to minimal default risk.

Most US corporate and municipal bonds are rated by independent services such as Moody's Investors Service and Standard & Poor's (S&P).

The ratings are based on a number of criteria, including the likelihood that the bond issuer will be able to make interest payments and repay the principal in full and on time.

The four categories of bonds rated BBB and higher by S&P or Baa and higher by Moody's are considered investment grade.

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While there have been periods of market stress, most recently in 2012 when borrowing became more difficult for issuers in the periphery, while investment grade corporates in EMEA (including those in the periphery) have been able to access financing.
Investment grade credit has been a big beneficiary of the search for yield, returning 10% year to date.
The Investment Grade pricing index began to decline first, in September of 2007, while the General real estate pricing index didn't begin to decline until March of 2008.
Rival rating agency Fitch yesterday affirmed its investment grade rating on EDS.
This category also includes claims (42) on, or guaranteed by, a qualifying securities firm (43) incorporated in the United States or other member of the OECD-based group of countries provided that: the qualifying securities firm has a long-term issuer credit rating, or a rating on at least one issue of long-term debt, in one of the three highest investment grade rating categories from a nationally recognized statistical rating organization; or the claim is guaranteed by the firm's parent company and the parent company has such a rating.
Conversely, a marketing department that does not continually monitor your competitors hinders your chances at investment grade. For providers operating without an affinity group affiliation such as church or sustainable market niche such as Alzheimer's, a talented marketing staff is imperative.
I studied these exchange relations across two of the primary securities markets, one for investment grade debt and one for non-investment-grade debt, during the period 1981 to 1987.
Release date- 15082019 - Ridgewood Canadian Investment Grade Bond Fund is pleased to announce that a cash distribution of $0.0530 per unit has been declared.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 16, 2019-Four Springs Capital Trust Acquires Omaha Investment Grade Industrial Property
Ares Commercial Real Estate Corporation (NYSE:ACRE) subsidiary placed USD172.7m more of investment grade notes, reduced the costs and extended the reinvestment period related to its existing ACRE Commercial Mortgage 2017-FL3 securitisation (the 2017-FL3 Securitisation), the company reported on Tuesday.
Cypriot bond yields fell sharply on Monday after Standard and Poor's rating agency upgraded the island's sovereign bond to investment grade, more than six years after it had been downgraded into 'junk' territory.
It downgraded PNB's foreign currency issuer rating by a notch to 'ba1', which is non-investment grade, from 'Baa3'- meaning below investment grade.

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