Investment decisions

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Investment decisions

Decisions concerning the asset side of a firm's balance sheet, such as the decision to offer a new product.

Investment Decision

Determination of where, when, how, and how much capital to spend and/or debt to acquire in the pursuit of making a profit. An investment decision is often reached between an investor and his/her investment advisors. Depending on the type of brokerage account an investor has, investment managers may or may not have tremendous leeway in making decisions without consulting the investor himself/herself. Factors contributing to an investment decision include, but are not limited to: capital on hand, projects or opportunities available, general market conditions, and a specific investment strategy.
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The board will strike an investment committee this winter to formulate strategies on how to implement this investment approach, which would incorporate PWRDF's mission into its investment decisions, according to Jill Martin, PWRDF finance coordinator.
Simply stated, the new power permits trustees to reallocate amounts between principal and income when the income portion of the portfolio's total return is too small or too large due to earlier investment decisions.
This article explains how fiduciaries can implement the guide's best practices and avoid making investment decisions influenced by emotion or irrelevant market factors.
Third, investment decisions should be made by an independent trustee.
This environment presents a challenge to would-be investors - to make quick, accurate investment decisions on portfolios of real estate that are mixed (mortgage and equity), of differing types (office, retail, hotel), potentially underperforming and unknown to the potential investor.
An integrated approach to investment decisions includes elements of strategic manufacturing, marketing and financial planning.
Global businesses take exchange rates into consideration in making investment decisions, but market opportunity, political risk and the legal environment are all more important for foreign investment decisions than exchange rate risks, the study found.
Business, on the other hand, focuses its investment decisions primarily on discounted cash flow.

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