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Investment Banker

A person who works for an investment bank, which is a financial institution that provides a variety of services for clients. Included among the services an investment banker may provide are underwriting, facilitating in transactions, assisting in mergers and acquisitions, and brokering. Typically, an investment banker's clients are institutional investors, but high net-worth individuals also hire them. The name can be misleading because investment bankers rarely provide retail banking services.

investment banker

A firm that functions as an intermediary between organizations that need additional funds and individuals and organizations having surplus funds to invest. An investment banker, an expert in the financial markets, sells its expertise to organizations wishing to raise funds. See also primary distribution, standby underwriting.
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The product also features a global database of 18 million public and private corporate snapshots and 36 million executive profiles, to which banks and bankers can add their own contacts, so investment bankers can quickly identify links and make connections to key corporate decision makers.
While the regulations do not permit mere allocations between deductible and nondeductible amounts, it remains to be seen whether Treasury will accept allocations made by the investment bankers themselves to the various services they provided, based on informed recollections of the course of the engagement, even though such allocations may not be supported by time and expense records.
The only tricky part of the product is that to lower up-front funding costs, the company has also effectively sold its investment banker a call on a hypothetical 10-year treasury security.
For example, Carter and Manaster (1990) find that IPOs by high-prestige investment bankers have less underpricing.
Not surprisingly, however, investment bankers and CFOs who have taken their companies public recently dispute the notion that IPO pricing rules have changed.
Asked whether he is a kinder, gentler breed of investment banker, Corzine's eyes flicker and his voice rises to audible levels.
Throughout this tedious work, Levine seems nothing more than a dissembler who, five years after pleading guilty, has learned from his crimes only that it's best not to get caught, He has slapped together a thoroughly unbelievable, self-promoting tome that rounds out his career perfectly: an unremarkable investment banker turned unimaginative crook turned lousy author.
I look forward to supporting the panel as an investment banker doing business in Florida where A&D companies are experiencing strong growth and consolidation.
The move by the SEC is likely to have been influenced by a GAO report that recommends measures to avoid potential conflicts of interest between analysts and investment bankers.
For more information about Dow Jones solutions for investment bankers, visit www.
Traditionally, investment bankers have written most of them, but the high fees and low risks have attracted new competition-consultants and some CPA firms, for example.
Anyone planning power upgrades for their property should seriously consider the various options and remember that in today's market, investment bankers and other companies dependent on fast data transactions demand the most sophisticated cabling systems and the highest quality installers.

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