Investment agreement

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Investment agreement

A contract specifying the rights and responsibilities of a host government and a corporation in the structure and operation of an investment project.

Investment Agreement

A contract stating the rights and responsibilities of two parties to an investment. Parties could be two partners, a client and an investment adviser, or a company and a government, among others. The investment agreements sets forth the parameters of the investment; for example, it includes what money, if any, one party must pay to the other and the goods or services each must provide or produce.
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In the latter role, ADB helped establish TPCL, select Turkmengaz as consortium leader, and finalize the Shareholders and Investment Agreements.
Currently, the draft investment agreement is under consideration by the competent ministries and agencies.
If the Investment Agreement 2007 was legitimate and complied with the provisions of the laws, quod non, Churchill had annuled the Investment Agreement in 2007 following the signing of the Cancellation and Waiver Agreement dated January 27, 2011, aiming at annuling the Investment Agreement 2007.
An official said that the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) hopes to sign bilateral investment agreement with the U.
The investment agreement should grant both you (as owner) and your company a right-of-first-refusal before shares can be sold or transferred.
What do you think about the request by the member states for them to have the right to negotiate and conclude bilateral investment agreements with third countries when there is no EU investment agreement envisaged in the near future with them?
Auto Business News-22 August 2008-Continental reaches investment agreement with Schaeffler(C)2008 ENPublishing - http://www.
An investment agreement bans unfair and discriminatory treatment against businesses between contracting countries.
Finnish construction and services group YIT Corporation said on Thursday (16 December) that it had signed an investment agreement on a plot in the Mozhaisk region in western Moscow, Russia.
Policymakers tried again to negotiate an international investment agreement at the United Nations.
This transaction was the result of an expansion of an investment agreement originally entered into in December 2001 in which BNP agreed to sell 454,545 shares of Series B Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock for $5 million.

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