Investment agreement

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Investment agreement

A contract specifying the rights and responsibilities of a host government and a corporation in the structure and operation of an investment project.

Investment Agreement

A contract stating the rights and responsibilities of two parties to an investment. Parties could be two partners, a client and an investment adviser, or a company and a government, among others. The investment agreements sets forth the parameters of the investment; for example, it includes what money, if any, one party must pay to the other and the goods or services each must provide or produce.
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Only a common approach will deliver an international investment agreement regime in which stability, clarity and predictability help achieve the objectives of all stakeholders.
Currently, the draft investment agreement is under consideration by the competent ministries and agencies.
As an inducement to Investor to enter in to the Investment Agreement and as consideration for the Investor making the investment the Investor received 285,710 shares of common stock and a warrant/option to purchase from the Company up to a total of 14,287,710 shares of the Company's common shares at the price of the lesser of (a) $7.
If the Investment Agreement 2007 was legitimate and complied with the provisions of the laws, quod non, Churchill had annuled the Investment Agreement in 2007 following the signing of the Cancellation and Waiver Agreement dated January 27, 2011, aiming at annuling the Investment Agreement 2007.
The shares of stock are subject to an investment agreement.
The Board announced that Energy and Chemical Company entered into the Fuxin Investment Agreement with CDC on 24 May 2010.
Japan has bilateral investment agreements with China and South Korea.
However, India, China, and several other developing countries demanded that any investment agreement delineate not just the rights of investors and the rights of states, but also the responsibility of investors.
In addition, the Convention Center debt fund has an investment agreement worth $33 million with Credit Suisse through the year 2008 and the City Employees Retirement System has $4 million in holdings in Swiss banks, possibly including the three institutions named in the report.
Pursuant to these agreements, ICO has agreed to support a proposed amended Investment Agreement between DISH and ICO's subsidiary, DBSD North America, Inc.
The reason for the change due to Digital Page's financial condition and inability to fulfill certain closing conditions set forth in the investment agreement.
Bishkek city court will decide whether Bishkek inter-district court was right to reject the claims and whether the investment agreement will apply to these claims.

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