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Now you clearly see the sequence of events, though you see them, of course, in the inverse order to the way in which they presented themselves to me.
0 million is to be used to prepay the senior loan in inverse order of maturity until the outstanding senior loan balance is no greater than that under the original amortisation schedule.
We also attempted to find out if there was a relationship between a measure related to working memory (digits in inverse order span) and the level reached on the four general types of sentences.
The lottery will determine the top three picks in the NBA Draft on June 26, and then the rest of the teams will pick in inverse order of their won-lost records.
Frequency characteristics present dependences of output voltages (currents) from the frequency of input quantities that form systems of direct and inverse order.
Investigations of the histograms similarity revealed the palindrome effect, which is: two sets of histograms built on the base of two consecutive 12-hours time series are most similar if one set of the histograms is rearranged in inverse order, and the start time of the series is exact six hours later the local noon.
I made it in inverse order, with my name at the top as the last to go, down to the bottom, which was the name of the first to be laid off.
Utopianists certainly engage in the same experiences though arguably in an inverse order.
The quality of the Vanguard recordings also differs from beginning to end, but unfortunately in inverse order to the quality of the music: The more beautiful Canteloube-arranged songs have the poorer recording, while the Kingsley material comes through dearly.
Jack Mendelsohn's "Next Steps in Nuclear Arms Control" (Issues, Spring 1993) cogently presents the case for keeping up the momentum gained in this area over the past few years, but does so in inverse order.
Liebling, that pre-eminent critic of the press, wrote that "in inverse order of worldly consideration," there are three kinds of "writers of news.
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