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At Lockheed Martin, intrapreneurs developed a number of famous aircraft designs and at 3M, they came up with Post-It Notes which is now used all over the world.
It is necessary to take into consideration that the intrapreneur needs particular information besides the information used by employees in the framework of the ordinary business.
Intrapreneurs, he explains, need to be identified right away in companies so the organization can help develop their talents.
At first, he was highlighting the need to have more people full of energy as those described in the profile of the intrapreneur (Hornsby, Kuratko, & Montagno, 1999), but, eventually, he showed his feelings towards intrapreneurs.
Honig (2001) found that the most used learning style of intrapreneurs was linked to the desire to continually develop one's own skills.
It is comprised of leading international and regional entrepreneurs and business leaders with knowledge of the unique challenges and issues facing intrapreneurs internationally and in specific high growth sectors and regions of the world including the GCC countries.
An intrapreneur is a visionary who is internally motivated by challenge and a strong sense of what is needed by the company, not by promotions.
Creating The Intrapreneur makes available to the reader a framework for building spot on accomplishment in business endeavors as well as life itself.
More significantly, this failure by many businesses to keep up with their customers' needs created an unprecedented opportunity today for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs (those who use entrepreneurial skills within an existing organization) to start new businesses that provide real value-added products and services to consumers and businesses.
Developing a personal brand within an organisation can make a budding intrapreneur attractive and recognisable.
in Baltimore, shares what it takes to become a successful intrapreneur.
In 1985, Pinchot invented the word "Intrapreneurship" by merging the words "Intra" and "Entrepreneurship" and defined an Intrapreneur as a person who performs the tasks of an entrepreneur inside big organizations, including creating new units in the organization, presenting products, and inventing new processes which lead companies to development and profitability (Pinchot, 1985).